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Reviews for "Waiting"

awesome as always ;-)

good to see your art can be dark to, it looks great and the lighting for it is perfect, the person is well defined (no matter who it is), and its good to see my screen name was well chosen.
and now I shall ruin my artistic look at this:


You have just now made me paranoid! Because my best friend is a total Ninja and this is what she would look like!


I love how gloomy this is. Reminds me of Ninja Scroll or something, and that's always a good feeling.

I hate colored people,


Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks! :B
I've been in a bit of a drawing rut for the past month, but your comments always motivate me to make some more.

Thanks for the generous review! :D


Great drawing (once again)! The angle and the light made me move my head from left to right just as if I am missing something, that's very interesting.

The resemblance to Shiek is visible, but I don't know if I realized it without your comment. Actually I prefer this ninja because she's much darker and looks far more dankgerous than our friendly neighbourhood Shiek. Her pose also adds a touch of a predator and I simple love the threatening eyes.

You've crowned the picture with the title, honestly.


10/10 & 5/5

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks!! :D

The fact that you bring up "moving your head from left to right" really makes me giddy. lol!! It sounds weird, but I've been messing with focal points lately and have been trying to experiment with them, so I'm really glad that this one worked out!! :D


Her eyes say no , but her hidden shurikans say yes!

Ok ok , serious review now ok here we go:

Simpley saying that i love it , it just won't do. it won't - see if this was any other art work , with any other hawt mysterious dark , shadowed woman ninja , i'd just say "oh yeah i love it!" but no...not this one , this deserves so....so much more.

So instead of "yeah i love it!" i decided to give this a "FUCK yeah i love it" with a hinch of "wohoo!" and a slice of "i wanna have yer babies" on the side...oh yeh along with a glass of <insert your favorite drink here>.


ok i found something i actually don't like , can't believe i missed it till now - she's in a position where if she had a skirt i'd be able to more or less see her underwear

I hate dressed hawt ninja women (Stamper? oops)