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Reviews for "Waiting"

Perverted? what?

i was just gonna vote it 5, but then i had to vote it 5 and give it ten just to say how the hell is this piece perverted in anyway? Trollin much? speakin of which ive seen that guy trollin elsewhere in the art portal. anyways, i like this piece as you can tell. i especially like how the orange on her really sticks out over all!

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks I appreciate it! <:P

to the guy below me

they ARE toes xD she's crouching on the tree

Sabby this is my favorite pic of your so far :P Just because pervs can't fap to it xD

Keep it up :D

Sabtastic responds:

Hahaha - Aww, thanks!! XD

lol and take that, Pervs!!

Cryptic as always

Good thing I like cryptic.


If I saw her in the shadows my last thought would be .....crap....... but still awesome

So clearly a 5 stars picture!! Love everything with it!