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Reviews for "Waiting"

Its pretty good..

I like the how its shaded with dark colors but you can still make out the general shape. However one thing that I have a problem with are the fingers on the tree branch. They look like toes, they honestly do. And if her those are supposed to be her toes then where is the rest of her leg? But I'm not saying its bad , in fact I really like it. You just have to work on some of these things.


You have just now made me paranoid! Because my best friend is a total Ninja and this is what she would look like!

awesome as always ;-)

good to see your art can be dark to, it looks great and the lighting for it is perfect, the person is well defined (no matter who it is), and its good to see my screen name was well chosen.
and now I shall ruin my artistic look at this:

sheik or ninja or rogue.

there all good to me. especially sheik.

Sabtastic responds:

Hey, thanks! :D


I like this i dont know much about your charcters but i still find this an awsome peice of art. I read some of the comments ha wtf sure the guys trolling but about what? WHO DOESNT LOVE NINJA GIRLS IN TREES?!

Sabtastic responds:

lol Much appreciated anti-troll score-lifter. Thanks, bud.