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Reviews for "Waiting"


Great drawing (once again)! The angle and the light made me move my head from left to right just as if I am missing something, that's very interesting.

The resemblance to Shiek is visible, but I don't know if I realized it without your comment. Actually I prefer this ninja because she's much darker and looks far more dankgerous than our friendly neighbourhood Shiek. Her pose also adds a touch of a predator and I simple love the threatening eyes.

You've crowned the picture with the title, honestly.


10/10 & 5/5

Sabtastic responds:

Thanks!! :D

The fact that you bring up "moving your head from left to right" really makes me giddy. lol!! It sounds weird, but I've been messing with focal points lately and have been trying to experiment with them, so I'm really glad that this one worked out!! :D


I love how gloomy this is. Reminds me of Ninja Scroll or something, and that's always a good feeling.

I hate colored people,


Sabtastic responds:

Aw, thanks! :B
I've been in a bit of a drawing rut for the past month, but your comments always motivate me to make some more.

Thanks for the generous review! :D

We all know a ninja.

That's a great drawing, really captures the ninjaness. Your signature in the bottom corner looks cool with the blue glow. Nice job!

PS Lol'd at how some people think this is perverted. The trolls pick this drawing out of the others? You covered everything up except the eyes. Eh, nice job anyway :D

Sabtastic responds:

lol yeah.. Sometimes I wonder if the trolls even customize their spam reviews. It's probably just copy-pasted into every review they make, so it doesn't matter what the actual artwork looks like. XD

Haha, well, aside from the retarded banter below..

I like it, pretty freaking awesome. Everyone loves ninjas lol! The colors are nice and crisp, and the angle is nice. It's also a nice touch to have Rouge looking out, like waiting but sharp. The way her hair contrasts with the darkness is also pretty sweet, a nice blend of that reddish-brown in the midst of the darkness. The shape is fine, and everything seems proportional. Yes, I understand that there are indeed toes on that branch. This is because she's laying out in the tree (jesus, really people?! Ever heard of perspective? =P) The only thing I'd say is that the shading and color blends feel imbalanced in places; the branches provide a lot of different colors to mix with the earthy branches, the darkness, and the moonlight shining overhead, yet Rouge's own body feels of single shades, and I think that adding one or two more might make her seem more...well, "alive," so to speak. I'm sorry, I'm not an artist (only a humble musician =P), so the terminology I use is probably not correct. However, I hope you can make out what I'm trying to say lol. Good stuff though, keep it up!

Sabtastic responds:

I don't need fancy terminology to get what you're saying. :P
It's a great review, regardless, so thanks!! :D

Always nice to get something heartfelt and informative, rather than just "COOL. 10!"
hehe so thanks again. :3

to the guy below me

they ARE toes xD she's crouching on the tree

Sabby this is my favorite pic of your so far :P Just because pervs can't fap to it xD

Keep it up :D

Sabtastic responds:

Hahaha - Aww, thanks!! XD

lol and take that, Pervs!!