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Reviews for "Waiting"


If I saw her in the shadows my last thought would be .....crap....... but still awesome

So Awesome

this is a ninja masterpiece, i think sheik would also look awesome. i give it a 10/10 :P


You need to draw more ninja pictures, this one is pro, more pictures like this but in mid kill would be great

Cryptic as always

Good thing I like cryptic.


Her eyes say no , but her hidden shurikans say yes!

Ok ok , serious review now ok here we go:

Simpley saying that i love it , it just won't do. it won't - see if this was any other art work , with any other hawt mysterious dark , shadowed woman ninja , i'd just say "oh yeah i love it!" but no...not this one , this deserves so....so much more.

So instead of "yeah i love it!" i decided to give this a "FUCK yeah i love it" with a hinch of "wohoo!" and a slice of "i wanna have yer babies" on the side...oh yeh along with a glass of <insert your favorite drink here>.


ok i found something i actually don't like , can't believe i missed it till now - she's in a position where if she had a skirt i'd be able to more or less see her underwear

I hate dressed hawt ninja women (Stamper? oops)