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Reviews for "He's a pirate: PotC"

Not bad

I might not be a big fan of this version but the quality is great and I have hears lots of other songs today that were much much worse lol.

Not bad at all keep up the good work :)

Nightwasp responds:



nuff said

Nightwasp responds:

lol, thanks!


It's solid, but has a nice, free feel to it. It feels like you can just get up and dance to it, pirate style! May not be what the original is, but it would be boring hearing the exact same thing over again, eh? It's a really great build on the popular song. Favorite of mine now, too! :D

i think ill use this song for my RPG im making

its just AWESOME!!!


Sorry for the 9.. i want to give it ten.. but i love it when its fast paced.. this was too slow for me.. But its a great mix. Bah screw it, just cause its too slow for me doesnt mean it deserves a low score!