Reviews for "He's a pirate: PotC"

Not bad

I might not be a big fan of this version but the quality is great and I have hears lots of other songs today that were much much worse lol.

Not bad at all keep up the good work :)

Nightwasp responds:



nuff said

Nightwasp responds:

lol, thanks!

Same crap as the other people said

Needs more bass
however you get a 10 because i Love Pirates of the Caribbean

Nightwasp responds:

hehe, thanks! :o)

i think ill use this song for my RPG im making

its just AWESOME!!!


Sorry for the 9.. i want to give it ten.. but i love it when its fast paced.. this was too slow for me.. But its a great mix. Bah screw it, just cause its too slow for me doesnt mean it deserves a low score!