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Reviews for "He's a pirate: PotC"

Not bad...

I love the original song, but you didn't do a lot to make this your own. It sounds too much like the original version for me to give you full points.

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks for the critisism. I will make sure future songs are a little bit different.

hmm, unsure

not very good, tho not bad either, but the original isbetter, keep up the work
7/10 3/5

Nightwasp responds:


Sounds good, but too mellow.

It has a kind of upbeat, cheery feeling. I like some of the effects, but I feel that your song could use many more dynamics, including a stronger bass, building drums (not background).

Mellowing out the song has a nice effect, but it seems to take away from the climaxes of the song, and probably should be used sparingly, not throughout an entire song.

However, your song does sound good, I personally like the mellow beat (a bit repetitive), as well as the choppy (in a good way) intro. Good job. :D

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks for the constructive critism. Will take this into account on my next piece!


Nice, but..

I felt the song was a little lacking. One of the good things about the original "He's a Pirate" was how strong the song was. The drums hit heavy and the dynamics were large. This mellow song doesn't go as well with the melody. And also, this song has few surprises. Because it's so soft, it took away from the adventurous side of the original song. You still can pull off such a song, but you're going to have to make it a little less predictable. It IS a variant of an already made song after all.

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks for the constructive critisicm. I'll remake it soon with a much strong drum beat.


There was soe great potential there but its lost its edge....And really dont mess with the rythms...it just ruins the effect of the song....Its a fantastic effort but i think it needs some work.....

Keep the rythm as the original and your onto a winner.

Good luck with the composing.

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks much! Will take this into account for my next piece