Reviews for "He's a pirate: PotC"

Needs more bass

I think it needs a little more bass to it, but that is just me...

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks for the comment


Wasn't to bad, a bit to relaxed song more energy. Dont know about other people btu oh well ill give you a 4/5

Nightwasp responds:


Good song, ok retake

It needs some trumpet or something, the deeper sounding instruments. It doesn't have enough substance, its too much bells and whistles rather than substance. The thing from the movie has power, it envelopes you and doesn't let go, this on the other hand might make you like to whistle it a but but it doesn't capture the essence of the song. Good try though, as my predecessors have said, it lacks "umph" I'll give it this 8/10 for a good try on one of the best songs I know. Don't take offense, please, this is meant to be constructive.

Nightwasp responds:

No offense taken! i'm actually quite happy that someone spent so long typing this up. 8/10 is still a fantastic score, so yeah, i'll bear in mind what you said, and make sure future pieces contian them.

:D very nice

Very good reconstruction of
the POTC theme we know
and love!

8/10 (Awesome job!)
~Shadow Dinosaur~

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks so much!

Pretty good.

A bit too calm for POTC, in my opinion, though. I mean, the song was fast enough, it's just you used...something to make it sound calmer.

Nightwasp responds:

hehe, thanks for the comment. As others have said, i may remake this with an electric guitar instead of strings. That should destroy the peace!