Reviews for "He's a pirate: PotC"

Needs more bass

I think it needs a little more bass to it, but that is just me...

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks for the comment


Wasn't to bad, a bit to relaxed song more energy. Dont know about other people btu oh well ill give you a 4/5

Nightwasp responds:


:D very nice

Very good reconstruction of
the POTC theme we know
and love!

8/10 (Awesome job!)
~Shadow Dinosaur~

Nightwasp responds:

Thanks so much!

Pretty good.

A bit too calm for POTC, in my opinion, though. I mean, the song was fast enough, it's just you used...something to make it sound calmer.

Nightwasp responds:

hehe, thanks for the comment. As others have said, i may remake this with an electric guitar instead of strings. That should destroy the peace!

you were rigth..its not bad

wow its really good ^^