Reviews for "The Maturing of Charlie Brown"


There IS such thing as good grief!

UriahTWolfe responds:

LoL! ;-) Thanks! :-)

Nice job re-creating the feel, I feel fuzzy inside

you must know the song Charlie Brown themesong really to well to create a completely unique track, but still perfectly compliments the original song.

some really striking chords and beautiful melodies in here. crisp, authentic piano tones bring out the sound very well. Everything connects and bridges together so well. great use of dynamics. how long you've been playin piano for?

another thing I love about the progression is how there are some real cheerful parts, perhaps representing Charlie's good times of his mature life...then there's sections were it invokes dark and minor sounding emotions....like when Charlie learns the consequences of unsafe sex or something....

anyways, this is very nice, I dont know what else to write here. I enjoyed listening to this man.

UriahTWolfe responds:

Thanks for the generous review! I really appreciate your feedback! :-)


Pretty nice, though it got real repetitive.

UriahTWolfe responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :-) Listening to it again, I have to agree to an extent, it did get a bit repetetive. I'm still fairly new at trying to make actual compositions for others to listen to, so I've not yet figured out how to make the song of decent length without letting it be overly repetetive. But I'm a-workin' on it. Your feedback is much appreciated! :-)

Love it!

I really like this piece! It sounds like a mix between Charlie Brown and Cats in the Craidle...

UriahTWolfe responds:

Wow, thanks! That's one connection I hadn't contemplated before. It wasn't intentional, but I can sort of see what you mean. CitC is another of my faves. I really appreciate the review, thanks again! :-)


Yes it sould like charlie brown theme, and you added a little bit of your own mix wich is what makes me like this, it was not too bold nor was it too soft but just right and made for something really nice here, and glad I could check it out as its really good.

Cant change perfect as this was.