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Reviews for "RANDY MARSH FTW"


Change... Ch-ch-Change!?

dommi-fresh responds:

change? got any CHANGE?!


THAT GUY LOOKS SO much like stan's dad

dommi-fresh responds:

oh dear. theres always one isn't there.

my wife left me,im homeless now...

so..so..could you borrow me some.....CHANGE!!!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

change? BANG!!!!


It's so perfect...(well except for how you forgot his pocket protector but no biggie).
Randy Marsh has to be the most badass character in south park, and this is a great drawing. Well done sir.

dommi-fresh responds:

how could i forget the pocket protecter?! randy is amazing


Spare Change?

I loved "Night of the living Homeless", definitely one of my favourite South Park episodes, and I think you caught the perfect essence of "Bad-Ass Randy Marsh" ;)

Keep up the cool artwork dude, I love it :D

dommi-fresh responds:

i just love south park with a dangerous passion