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Reviews for "RANDY MARSH FTW"


this made me bust a gut! >:3

dommi-fresh responds:

i hope your ok.

medical marijuana

using your cancer induced bollocks as a space hopper ftw. Also epic illustration.

dommi-fresh responds:

everything randty does is classic

my wife left me,im homeless now...

so..so..could you borrow me some.....CHANGE!!!!!

dommi-fresh responds:

change? BANG!!!!


THAT GUY LOOKS SO much like stan's dad

dommi-fresh responds:

oh dear. theres always one isn't there.

you must get the white mans cure for sars

yesh, i love it, randy is definately one of my favorites, i just love how he's always the leader of the stupid rednecks.... well..... *man coughs* thats pretty much all i have to say, goodbye

dommi-fresh responds:

randy is a god amongst mere mortals.