Reviews for "Robotnik, Psy, and Jen"


this was very FUNNY !!!!!!!!!!!!
make more of those!

I wish I could watch this all the time!!

Ya know, this is the only flash movie I actually have SAVED to my comp?!?! I WATCH THIS ALL THE FRICKIN TIME! And my friend covers her ears whenever I say 'I noticed you're not wearing any galoshes...'. She screams, too. I thankith thee for getting this GOLD on FLASH! THANK YOU PSYGUY FOR THE INSANITY YOU CAUSE!!! KEEP ROCKING, MAH MAN! ... I didn't just say that. *Takes Sharpie out and crosses it off* ^_^

That was so funny

that is so Funny that i showed it to my Friends. My mom like it and my Sister like it too but my Cuzion on the other hand... (Sigh) anyway its great i can't wait for any other ones like that

Makes no sense at all... so

Rofl. Funniest damn thing I've ever seen... A bulbous bouffant! Hahaha.


that was BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!
it truly and deeply touched my heart.........
it was one of the greatest credits to mankind and whom inhabit this world. Nay, this universe
it makes me glad to know that there is someone like you to fill this world with the joy and magic associated with this beautiful piece of work...
BRAVO, Goo, and congrats keep it up!!!!!!!!!
make many more........
YOU ARE A TRUE SAINT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!