Reviews for "Robotnik, Psy, and Jen"

Oh, I didn't review this?

I guess I forgot. What a funny ass flash. They just all start bursting out saying random words. Lol, good job. You have some pretty good flashes. I don't reaaly feel like reviewing all of them so I'll just say that your "That's My Sonic!" flashes are the best. Keep making more! I havn't seen a new one in such a long ass time.

ok let me explain why it got violence..

i imagine jen and ivo beat the holy hell out of you when they saw this (considering jen's sorta got pms and aways beats up others and ivos a ass kicking robot...) soooo...tell me how bad did it hurt?

Although I very seldom approve of fan characters..

This was funny. I've heard the original for this before... somewhere... but this was pretty funny.

The graphics were alright, but could be improved. And it would've been nice to have more stuff goin on in the background.

Front page? Well... almost there. Better spriting, maybe, and it's worthy of the front page.

...oh, why not. Buh-lub-er! Gaz-eee-boh!

Wow, this should have been front-page.

Simply so.

Blubber, macadamia, shindig, hullabaloo, gazeebo, galoshes, bulbous, etc.!!!!!!!!!!


You are truly NG-1337.

FUNNY! Psy, you rock.

I mean seriously, you rock, Psy! Unfortunately all I can get is a Dr. Pepper substitute. It's close, though!

Hamhock, pumpernickel, egg foo yong, cheech & chong, kajagoogoo, styx, pix, nix, crix, flicks, licks, pricks, bricks, wendigo, fender, clapslaps............TAPIOCA!!!

That was the only thing wrong with your song. It didn't have TAPIOCA!!!