Reviews for "Robotnik, Psy, and Jen"


thats kind of creepy...


thats somthing my cousin would say

That was pretty funny and random.

uh you DO realize that Jen Irwin is a girl, right Psyguy? Uhhhhhh.... Psyguy? *Smacks Psy* Well, he's probably shocked or somethin'. This might cheer him up, "I'll tell you somethin' folks, you can't fix stupid. There's not a class you can go to, there's not PILL you can take. Stupid is forevarrrr." How's that? *smacks Psy, again* Well, I'll leave you alone for a bit. Respond when you regain concience.


lol srry man i already gave my soul to Dr.Pepper...but seriously that is hilarious!

Blubber, Ballogah, ang Moucklack!?

Where'd you find this audio commercial for Dr. Pepper!? That is the most funniest flash I've ever laid my eyes on! Hope you make more flashes!! XD (I would give you an 11, but 10 is the highest I can go.)


I have to say, this is one of the most amazingly funny flashes I've ever seen. I often find myself repeating strange or random words, and this just takes the cake for the best!!! I've seen a few different versions of the same bulbous bouffant skit, and not a single on is as good as this. From the, “GIVE YOUR SOUL TO DR. PEPPER” to “BUS”, this deserves a 10 in every way.