Reviews for "Robotnik, Psy, and Jen"


i loved that part at the end, when psy just goes good. and that's all he says. luffs it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Psyguy..you rock man.. ^_^

Oh god, i was laughing so hard through this, in fact, this was one of the first Flashes on newgrounds ever saw and its one of my faves. I love the randomness, its just AWESOME =D, it's wierd how that song just makes you laugh you damn ass off.

Psyguy though..oh dear lord you were funny in it XD Psyguy is soooo cute!! *shot*

"Macadamia" is the best word there =D I was drinking Dr Pepper at the time when watching this... O.O

You get a giant 9/10 and i'm voting 5 because this is just GOLD XD

Yours truely, Knuxiekku xXx


HAHAHAHAHHA! ROTFW rocks! Make More! Psyguy is cool! Surrender your soul to DP!


I had this stuck in my head for a freakin' long time!


I Loved it. The song itself is great, but the cartoon made it that much better!