Reviews for "Final Fantasy VII - Fight 2007"

picture if you will

Cloud and Sephiroth, fighting one another to this remix....OH. MY. GOD. that would be epic


Muahahaha You Just Ripped It, This Is Damn HOT! I Saw Other Remixes But They were all piece of shit :O This One Just Rocked Me Out! AWESOME JOB :D
Keep GOing! (you are like my idol on NG) xD

I never though it could be done

Every time I hear someone do a remix of this song its usually pretty bad and it just ruins the song. I had began to think it was impossible to do a remix of this song that could measure up to the original, but then I heard this. This is truly an incredible remix. It not only measures up to the awesomeness of the original but it actually sounds better then the original did. Good job on improving a masterpiece.

it built up so great

i couldnt tell at first, but when that scale came in...i knew...i knew that this was one of the greatest songs ive ever heard....


hoo yes, goddamn motivating to kick some ass :D

FF7 is really the best ever !!
I would really love to re-play FF7 with all your Remixes, guys !!
that would bring the game a higher level of interest, already such high ^^
- (respect to Nobuo Uematsu for the originals, of course)

Keep Goin'On,
I'll hear for others remixes of you, NT ;)