Reviews for "Final Fantasy VII - Fight 2007"

Aaah yeah.

Impressive work. This actually brings back memories, man... I think you knew exactly what you were doing there, man. I have to admit that this is an amazing song you created. This is epic.

5/5, 10/10, favorited.


I'm an avid FF7 fan, love the game/movie/other game/third/etc. you get the point....
Anyway, you did great, Nobuo would be proud!

So many remixes made for this classic

Out of all of the overclocked remix tracks for this track you've got to have the best version kickin with those 808s and pulsing trance scores in the background. Really brings out the rage and intensity in this song. Best internet unofficial remix on this song, outstanding job on this bad boi!


Just wow... I am a big FF fan, and i was hugely impressed. This remix gave me goosebumps... Be proud of yourself for that. When it comes to final fantasy i am a hard man to impress. So congratulations, this was awesome.

Even better then the Original!

Although the original soundtrack already kicked ass as it was, this is even better.
After a while the original battle theme could become almost annoying: This version instead doesn't...I don't know how many times I've already listened to it, but it's still pure awesomeness!

Keep it up!