Reviews for "Final Fantasy VII - Fight 2007"


woah man great remix
best final fantasy remix i've heard keep up the good work
you kick ass


Holy FU*K!!!!

I've heard a LOT of remixes for FF7 songs, and I can say for SURE that this is the greatest ff7 remix I've ever heard. You've just made my day, thank so you freaking much. YEAH!!!!!!

So cool!

You, my good sir, are a genious. Square-Enix would be wrong if they didnt use this in the PS3 remake. Its gonna be hard to top that.

Love it

I absolutely loved this song
i played it for hours!

10 / 10

NemesisTheory responds:


good song

good song, love the intro
do something similar again

i was wondering if you could do a fairly simple, and close to the original FFVII boss battle remix?
me and my friends beatbox it all the time, id love to hear your "spinoff"


NemesisTheory responds:


I can try, I suppose. There's always a desire to mix more FF7. The boss theme is a little more complex though, so no promises! XD