Reviews for "Final Fantasy VII - Fight 2007"

You rock. Period.

My ears just explooded from overexposure to sheer awesomeness! The guitar was incredible and the strings added an amazing element to the song. What I liked best about this song is that it wasn't repetitive at all. Excellent work.


Wow this brings back some great times, poor Aeris =[


I really enjoyed listening to this. I can't really give you credit for the composition, but the interpretation is simply fantastic. Your choice in sounds was nearly perfect.

Speaking of which, X-Infinity-Zero, there was no Slayer, but actually a preset of Sytrus called "Inferno."


I am a very BIG fan of anything related to FF7.

I own every FF game from 1 to 13 and 7 was the best imo.

This track is sick as hell. This should be put into the FF7 remake for PS3 if they ever decide to do one.

Love the drums and the use of slayer. Very fast and very engaging.

Overall Awesome.

I made a remix back when i didnt know what i was doing but maybe i should take another stab at it.


wow this blow's me away...!

wow this song is fuckin mental! FF VII is my favourite playstation game even though there's ps3 out on sale i prefer ps2's and is there any way you could make any more FF VII song like when ur walkin around and not in a battle or the winning theme