Reviews for "the Composer"

An incredible tune.

I felt the orchestra at 3:24 was the climax of the song.
This is one of the best songs on newgrounds. along with some waterflame, hania lee, and gravey.
A very good song.
This is epic.

great job

it's kinda weird seeing the newgrounds "player" thing so still and not moving lol. but this song is really beautiful. i wish you would write more. amazing job!!

10 **********

Very beautiful, i just closed my eyes and made a beautiful scene out of it :)
Super well done and touching!


i know the guy who did this song...

i didnt know...how good he really was...


Your music is undoubtly a work of art !!!

This is the best song i'd have to say, just makes me jealous that i cant play the piano as well as you, i was wondering if i could have a copy this well composed music.