Reviews for "the Composer"


Such a great song of which is able to express emotions unlike any song I've heard from this century.

I have a question

The song is great :)..I have been playing piano for 8 years here....I was wondering what were the tools you used to record the piano part of the song. Your movie and this song inspired me to submit my own submission to the classical audio portal...except that I do not know what kind of keyboard is required and what are the requirements to record it on a computer.

Yet again, good job :)

Epic and beautiful

I saw your flash and had to just listen to this on it's own. It's beautiful.

It captures raw emotion and life in an essence. I doubt you'd find something as pure anywhere else on Newgrounds.

So simple and beautiful.

Very good

You've really captured something in that song, I can't say exactly what, but its beautiful. You have really got talent, the flash was very good, it communicated a lot without much voice play. 5/5 mate. I want to hear and see more =)