Reviews for "the Composer"


Words fail to describe me. Because this masterpiece is too a wonder to describe, perhaps.

Simply The Best

I absolutely love the transitions throughout the entirity of this song, its incredably emotional and even by listening to it without watching the movie you can clearly hear the great feelings poured into this piece. It mixes the best of all things, unrelenting talent, overwealming emotion, and the awesome ability to tell a story with your music, truely a ten out of ten beyond any competition.


When I first heard this song in "The Composer" I was amazed it has a lot of feeling and even without the images of the flash you made it still sends a shiver down my spine to listen to it. Great work and keep it up!


Beautiful my friend. Wonderful work.


there's so much feeling in this song, i think that its just the best song on newgrounds.
it's a song that brings such a powerful emotion to people that they really feel what you made.