Reviews for "Everything (Wanna Be)"


that was pretty good...you have a very unique singing talent :)

kenubo responds:

hey thanks alot!! This was something i wrote a while ago, and then decided to actually record it on whim. Hence the really bad mixing. :P I really appreciate your review. :)


damn i should check out the rnb section more often lol

neways love the song... composition is amazing...

but ya give jnry3s tips a try

with cleaner mastering this would be completely professional stuff

10/10 5/5 and i guess ill dl it too lol


kenubo responds:

lol. Thanks a lot dude. And yeah I'm definately no recording wiz, so I'll give those tips a try.

good shit here

I jams hard to this right here, I agree maybe alil work would make it better but that don't mean I don't think its excellent, keep up the good work.

dam this amazine

how can u get such a ckean sound from home and not at a studio?

I'm wit it again. LOL

Once again good track. Keep doing ya thing