Reviews for "Everything (Wanna Be)"


damn i should check out the rnb section more often lol

neways love the song... composition is amazing...

but ya give jnry3s tips a try

with cleaner mastering this would be completely professional stuff

10/10 5/5 and i guess ill dl it too lol


kenubo responds:

lol. Thanks a lot dude. And yeah I'm definately no recording wiz, so I'll give those tips a try.


Amazing, your harmonies are amazing.
They made my heart skip a beat.
I downloaded on instinct.
It is also way different from every other R&B song on newgrounds which I thank you for so immensely


Here's what I think...

Hmm... this is almost 2 months old. Hope you get my review.

Anyway, here it goes:
- Try singing closer to the mic to get the natural bass from your vocals. Get a pop filter to keep your vocal recordings free of the mic booms.
- I don't have problems with the instruments used, but you need to EQ and pan these so that they do not disrupt the voices. It seemed that everything is centered... it makes the recording... swampy.
- I think you don't need to double-record your vocals (did I hear a triple?), but it seems to work at some parts. Try adding compression to your vocals for a more level feel.

Voted five, but 9 in the review. ^_^

kenubo responds:

Thanks sooo much for the recording tips! I've been using your advice for all my recent tracks, and its been working and sounding awesome.

I agree with Inka-Wall

Get a guitar, maybe change or remove the instrumental, it would sound so good.

I dont listen to RnB much, but I think I might listen to it more if others sound like you and Inka-Wall =\

like your voice

your voice is really nice! I wish i could be in us to learn and listen true music!!
Anyway i don't care about the instrumental..try to record something with guitar and voice i would like to listen it clear ;)