Reviews for "Everything (Wanna Be)"


some nice shit u got there! plz tell me how u did it! ;)

good shit here

I jams hard to this right here, I agree maybe alil work would make it better but that don't mean I don't think its excellent, keep up the good work.

Alright. (:

This song could use some tuning. The beat is a little bit off but I bet if you fix it, it would sound better. But I still like it. Haha. (:

Its raw but, with a little work this will be tight

This is me being real cause I like the vibe.

1. Your vocals are really dry and to far in the front and there are some pitch problems
2. Rethink the beat and this needs a serious mix down and master
3. Do a few more double ups in the verse to make the song more full and add a break down.

On a good note the verse and chorus are great and I see what you where going for, this could be top 40 but like I say to all artist hone your craft cause you are still young and learning, you have great potential. I am not hating cause I don't review wack ish. You got my head bobbin so thats good the track is catchie please give this another mix down an get remastered. You got skill


Omega Phantom

kenubo responds:

Yo this is probably one of the best reviews I've ever gotten. Thanks man I'll take your advice full heartedly!!!


This is actually really fly. The piano is kinda muggy sometimes. And I didn't like the chorus to much it was just weird and sounded nice. But it was original though so you don't lose to many points there. And I liked it in general. So if you looking for a producer check me out man. I'm pretty good at RnB tracks. Nice track. You got that 5 spot. Hell this just even had a bridge which was nice...

kenubo responds:

Thanks dude, especially when it comes from someone with as tight as tracks as yours.