Reviews for "Kick and Punch"


i really liked the amount of easter eggs. especially the mario and donkey kong one :) great job man!

dave2 responds:

Sticking in the eggs were the most fun! There's no way you found them all, though. Or at least you probably didn't. well maybe. I dunno.

I actually thought this was funny

Your only problem was that the audio sucked.

The animation was fine and I liked the concept. You just need to find someone who can sing and some decent voice actors.

good work.

dave2 responds:

Hey hey! I didn't think the voice acting was that bad. Sure, some of the mic skillz weren't great, but whatever. Thanks for the review!

Pretty damn funny

I was laughing my ass off at that hostess thing and at the beginning of the picnic.


i fear rubber

This movie is pretty great. Dapper Cerebrum has obviously spent a lot of time on the graphics and presentation. Sadly, it is let down by the audio.

crank, touch up on your mic skills and everything will be super.

Oh, and because moonpie had something to do with it I like it.

10 out of 10!

More game footage would be sweet. Overall: Awesome!!!