Reviews for "Kick and Punch"

great movie

great moive! I was listed in the credits as "not worth a mention". but thats beacuse my face was olny used for less then a quarter of a second (one frame to be exact).

even still, i belive that this deserves an award.

I actually thought this was funny

Your only problem was that the audio sucked.

The animation was fine and I liked the concept. You just need to find someone who can sing and some decent voice actors.

good work.

dave2 responds:

Hey hey! I didn't think the voice acting was that bad. Sure, some of the mic skillz weren't great, but whatever. Thanks for the review!


i really liked the amount of easter eggs. especially the mario and donkey kong one :) great job man!

dave2 responds:

Sticking in the eggs were the most fun! There's no way you found them all, though. Or at least you probably didn't. well maybe. I dunno.