Reviews for "Nothing Else Matters In Church"


Bad-Man I love you !! You made a cover of my favorite band ever ! You rulz with this !!
So, the piano plyaing was pretty good but, two things : It could be more realist. (I think it was played with a sofware like Guitar Pro 5 or an other ...).The second thing : there two wrongs notes especialy at the end : at 4'39", 4'45", etc (there are the same) and at 5'52" but still nice job on the piano! The choirs were very good, nothing to say here. Finaly, the drum playing was awesome and very close to the original !
So I think I've said every thing!
You're fuckin' talented man!

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

I would have NEVER guessed that you are a fan of Metallica. hahaha. Anyways, yeah..I've already fixed those mistakes that you speak of.. I've tried out a different piano sample from reason, so that should please your weiner. I've also, tweaked the velocity of every note differently, to simulate actual playing. But until I find a better sample...I might be stuck with the "sound" of reasons stock one. As it was the best. Also, to please your weiner...there will be vocals on the next version I submit, with a very cool suprise. I'm not gonna go full out "Hetfield" but there will be subtle similarities for sure. Also, I will have someone else singing with me. Why the hell not, right?

Anyways, thanks for the cool review, bro. You fucking rule\m/


This is incredible. I'm speechless.

Bad-Man does another one.


Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks muchly man! Better version here:

http://www.sheezyart.com/view/1441747 /


'nuff said? Not quite. It's a great cover, but did you just grab a midi and replaced the tracks with good synths or did you actually rewrite the whole song again?

While I don't doubt that you have skills, knowing that you did the latter thing would be reassuring, considering you can't really take all the credit for grabbing someone elses' midi and touching it up without giving proper credit (which I have yet to see)

Either way, kudos to you. Great cover.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

Thanks man. Yeah, I did grab a midi of this, I'm not certain who's. It was horribly done, and I ended up rewriting 95% of it, using MY guitar as a guide. The drums are 100% mine. As there was no percussion in the original midi. The "vocal" line was the only one that stayed more than 50% original midi. Even it needed a fairly sizable overhaul.
It would have been easier for me to do the thing from scratch, hindsight being 20/20. Had I left more of the original midi in there, I would have given more credit to the midi maker. But they sucked.
I don't like doing that with midis either...I've been a strong advocate against it. I see so many people doing that, making the songs sound like total shit. I did it, to prove with some actual "music" knowledge, you can make a midi sound better than whatever else you will find on this site.(as far as midi plagiarism goes). haha. More people do it, than you think. So to everyone else...if you ARE going to use a midi and just replace the instruments. Do it so it sounds better than or different (but still good) from the original version.

Anyways, thanks for the cool review.\m/


if only i could use flash, i'd definately use this in an animation.
did you program it on FL or play it with a midi controller? either way, it must have been heckling, but you pulled it off and no doubtedly slayed the other covers

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

It was done in Reason. It was a crappy midi I found, that I ended up re writing from scratch. Which means, I knew the notes were way off, had to re-tab it out, as I played my guitar...I probably worked much harder on this, than I ever intended to. Glad you liked it. As for other covers, I haven't heard one as good. (where synthed stuff was used)

Thanks for another awesome review!\m/


I usually hate synthed music, but this was almost spot-on.
Only gripes I have are some jumped notes in the outro. (i.e. you changed chords too soon, but that's nothing 2 minutes of reprogramming can't fix.)
I'd love to try to put the vocal over this, I think the choir might get in the way on occasion, but I think I could pull it off.
Love it, man. You're the king.

Bad-Man-Incorporated responds:

I can hit you up a version without the choir if you want. Thanks for the review, man.