Reviews for "Final Fantasy - Main Theme"

The theme that started it all...

This is the theme that got me hooked on the Final Fantasy series to begin with! Every time I hear this theme I remember the first FF game I played (ahhh good ol' FFIV). You have brougteth tears to my eyes, my good sir. Awesome work!!!

J00 get a 5, and a 10/10...and if I could go higher I would.

r0bz0r responds:

cry moar :D

Nah, seriously, thanks heaps for the review ;D if I can make someone cry then that means I've either done a really good job or a really terrible job. if I'm right, the 10/10 means the job was good.


This one takes me back.

Far. Thanks, man.

not much to say.

Exept it's a cool song, And a nice submission.


Such a theme deserves recognition, I give this a 10 as perfection. if anyone else understands Final Fantasy, i don't need to say more =D

Cool to you!!!Asome!