Reviews for "Final Fantasy - Main Theme"

i swear...

...i could fall asleep to this crap! nice work

nice dude

this song is great song man this brings back good memories of final fantasy nice job man

r0bz0r responds:

thanks for the 0! lol.

but thanks :D

Wow, Brings back memories

Nice remix. It made me remember when I first played FFII (now called IV) on the snes.
I was 6 years old, and didn't knew a word in english. When Cecil and kain go out for the summoner's village early in the story, I thought I finished the game because of this song and the intro with the text. :) Great job!


i like how you made it sound more mellow, sounds great! and to everyone : this theme was featured in alot of the final fantasy games but final fantasy 12 is when it became noticed


the song of FF XII ! very nice =D