Reviews for "Final Fantasy - Main Theme"

this goes oka

this game was a really bad version of all theFF games made i dont really get im a BIG FF fan but i didnt even want ti finish it is just to i cant say but it dont feel right

r0bz0r responds:

remember to keep reviews about the song ;x

I'll Pass

I have never played final fantasy and I don't really like this tune. It's only keeps me 30% entertained really.

r0bz0r responds:

i guess i got lucky with a 50% score :D

of course a bit more constructive criticism would be a bit more appreciated in your next review :P

Errr this was Final Fantas 8 not 7

I loved this song. I believe they used it a bit in FFXII , no? GREAT SONG! Much props.


Everything is really good! Only thing i would suggest to make the strings brighter and surround the song better.


Awesome work =D.

Final Fantsy 7 = pwnage

hey awesome song ya got here tottaly rockin anywho guy final fantasy7 was probly the best one Alias said it had the best music thanks to nobu you know he also did the music for blue dragon great song tottaly great