Reviews for "Final Fantasy - Main Theme"

nicely done

this sounds sweet and like the last song at the end of Final fantasy 4, you should try to do some other final fantasy songs as well!

r0bz0r responds:

I wouldn't mind doing more FF songs, but I want my account to be primarily original work, don't want people thinking I'm a plagiarising demon :(

But thanks for the nice review :D


nice work - remnids me more of ff12 cus i dont remember it in x - x2 or 3 but there the only ones ive played lol brilliant though keep up the gd work

The theme that started it all...

This is the theme that got me hooked on the Final Fantasy series to begin with! Every time I hear this theme I remember the first FF game I played (ahhh good ol' FFIV). You have brougteth tears to my eyes, my good sir. Awesome work!!!

J00 get a 5, and a 10/10...and if I could go higher I would.

r0bz0r responds:

cry moar :D

Nah, seriously, thanks heaps for the review ;D if I can make someone cry then that means I've either done a really good job or a really terrible job. if I'm right, the 10/10 means the job was good.


Well Done!

An excellent rendition. Well done indeed!

r0bz0r responds:

Thank you! :"D

=) Sweet

Hey, really Good, so..this is FF Theme, sounds good =), Congrats
Take Care

r0bz0r responds:

Thanks for the review :D