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Reviews for "Yun - Minutehand"

Fucking immaculate

Same for the other two songs I've heard; Daybreaker and Dig It. All your music is so immaculately written and so perfectly chill. I will be listening to this stuff. This comment is the one that I give and have it apply to all your music: FUCKING SWEET 11/10, 11/5


Dude, this reminds me of a group we have back here in Australia called the Hilltop hoods. And i mean that in totally a positive way. Its such a perfect mix, great backing beat.
Totally chilled. Those little piano bits work so well...the backwards bit (i think it was) made me go YES! the little mixes worked so well.

I feel high as fuck listening to this

musical reefer

sick song!!

oh nice man!! must-listen1!:D


That's a sweet sound, always love to hear this style of music. The scratch plate at the end is the cherry.