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Reviews for "Yun - Minutehand"

oh beautiful beats man

It reminds me of Cure for the Itch by Chairman Han, I'm sure you've heard it but anyway amazing song :)

Good Creative creation

I always wanted to review this earlier when it came out, but why not now. The beginning somehow brought a Linkin Park scene to me. It's like from the song "Somewhere I Belong"... or whatever it is... It's good any. I love the work of it


Ill...just ILL!

You are one of, if not, the best producer on newgrounds.

I wish I had your equipment and shit.

awesome work

nothin but a 10 if u ask me this shit is hot can i write soemthin to this?


I can't believe this song hasn't gotten more recognition. I love the turntables. Too often, songs incorporating them go overboard with it and end up spoiling the feel. Here, they pick up the beat without changing the mindset of the song. Also, the samples at the beginning are a perfect way to set things in motion. The ambient radio static is the cherry on top. 5/5 10/10