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Reviews for "Sunken Myth Mockup"

Looking really awesome thus far

It's not even real yet and I already want to play it.

The perspective of everything makes the visual of what's around more detailed and noticeable, great work on the scenery.

AtTheSpeedOf responds:

Aw thanks!

Is the house number an intentional Hitchhiker's Guide reference, or a coincidence?

All the effort you put into making everything just a little bit crusty/beat-up/worn/washed-out really pays off in creating a "horror" atmosphere.

Is the "myth" part of the title going to be the Wendigo, or is it too early to ask about that kind of stuff? Lol

When you finish this, please upload a short demo or something to NG, just so I can see it on my feed. I'm not much of a Twitter person...

AtTheSpeedOf responds:

Thanks and it was indeed a Hitchhiker's reference. There's at least one other reference in there somewhere that's unrelated to that. The myth part of it is somewhat related to the wendigo stuff you've seen before. As for the demo, I'll do my best on that. If it ends up running on Unity a demo is likely.