Reviews for "The Dancing Fire"

<3 Love it

This is the first of your songs I heard, and I still love it. And, you even get my first review, flash and audio alike. 8D I do love your other songs a LOT, and I've saved every one to my computer. <3 Please keep making your songs!


kelwynshade responds:

I'm very happy to hear that you enjoy the music. Trust me, I'll have plenty of music being released very often, so keep checking back for more goods. Thanks for letting me know how you feel.

Good beat

It has a solid beat, with a level of creepy within the melody. Perhaps as the song progresses, the melody could change to reflect the dark celebration is reaching its peak. Just a thought.

kelwynshade responds:

And a good thought at that. I'll see what I can do with it in the future.


I liked it. It's a calm song and that kind of song i really need at the moment. The uh.. drum(?) kinda reminded me of Final Fantasy 8 :D Sorry, couldn't help it but to say it.. Hehe! But still! I liked it alot! Well done!
(*favorited it, gave 5 and 10 for it*)

kelwynshade responds:

Anything compared to a Final Fantasy title is A-OK in my book. haha.


I've been playing a lot of the original Doom lately, and I think this piece would fit very nicely into the game. It's a great mix of a good beat with the touch of creepiness needed for such a game. Nice work.

kelwynshade responds:

Haven't I seen you around here somewhere before? =)


Evil, dark, shadows, after the destruction, the begining of a storm, the eye a hurican.