Reviews for "The Dancing Fire"

@ RubinDragon & kelwynshade I agree this is missing something and i know what it is I think Some Slow dark rich Violins or Other string would make it breathtaking!!!


Evil, dark, shadows, after the destruction, the begining of a storm, the eye a hurican.


A little late to be posting a review but I just had to. This song is awesome, and especially awesome when wearing headsets on. First it starts low but then it starts blasting in high quality. You got my vote, 5/5, 10/10.


I've been playing a lot of the original Doom lately, and I think this piece would fit very nicely into the game. It's a great mix of a good beat with the touch of creepiness needed for such a game. Nice work.

kelwynshade responds:

Haven't I seen you around here somewhere before? =)


I liked it. It's a calm song and that kind of song i really need at the moment. The uh.. drum(?) kinda reminded me of Final Fantasy 8 :D Sorry, couldn't help it but to say it.. Hehe! But still! I liked it alot! Well done!
(*favorited it, gave 5 and 10 for it*)

kelwynshade responds:

Anything compared to a Final Fantasy title is A-OK in my book. haha.