Reviews for "Ssbm : Master Hand Metalized !"


They should use your version in the next one. Funnily enough, the only smash bros. songs that get me pumped in-game are the Hyrule Temple and DK Rap songs.

Gorekiller responds:

DK rap songs ? Didn't hear about that stuff... Thanks for the review !

Freakin' awesome!

Master Hand was always cool. Now this leads me to believe he's even cooler.

Gorekiller responds:

Hahah !
Thanks for the kewl comments ! Glad you liked this piece !

That was beautiful,

you were added to my fav artists, ten of your songs are on my favs, yet you still kick ass.

Gorekiller responds:

Woa thanks, mate ! I'm still making projects though !

Sick mate!!

This is awesome as! I've always liked the Master Hand music :)

Gorekiller responds:

I hope it will sound like that in SSBB ! Thanks for the review, btw !

kick-ass song

i loved this song in the original SSB and i love it now.

Gorekiller responds:

Hey thanks for the cool review ! SSB's version is quite cool but not complex enough.