Reviews for "Ssbm : Master Hand Metalized !"


Too bad there was no boss for this music. A suitable boss would be Metal Phsyco Hand. :P

Gorekiller responds:

Metal psycho hand ? Hmmm... instead of having a hand as a boss, we would have to fight the full body... just like in Super Mario Galaxy. We would have to climb up his hand and walk from his hand to his head... in order to squash his brain. Thanks for the review !

Like it

its like the same as it is in the game except more... rock-ish. I agree with ShyGuy, Nice.

Gorekiller responds:

Hey thanks !

dosent sound metalised

sounds like rock not metal but i do like it


Nice drums! Nice guitars! Nice song! Nice Job! It would be nice if someone helped me stop say Nice! This is Nice! Dammit!

Gorekiller responds:

Whoa nice review ! Nice to see you appreciate this piece ! Thank you very much lol !

Sorry, but...

Not only did I not enjoy this song, but I also do not understand why this would be heavy metal. It's closest to video game since it's basically just a redone theme without the "right stuff" (i.e. metal) to be put in another category (i.e. heavy metal)..

Gorekiller responds:

lol... Wat's wrong wit you ???