Reviews for "Ssbm : Master Hand Metalized !"


I love the Super Smash Brawl, so this music is so what I'm looking for. This is some awesome music. Keep up the awesome work. I can't whit to here more.

Gorekiller responds:

... Lol, when I have SSBB, I'll cover the new master hand theme as soon as possible. I still remember master hand theme from SSB 64 though.


some ppl dont get it you rock

lovely metal

He was always a fun bus...but crazy hand made it funner to do battle with....i just love all the remakes you do...Keep up the good work.


it sounds like you just put some metal instruments over the games mp3 file... except for a few parts it got pretty unoriginal

Gorekiller responds:

......... most of people dislike metalized themes like this one but I cannot understand the reason why they feel that way. What can I deduce ?

This makes

This makes the game's song look like crap. You rock!

Gorekiller responds:

Really ? Thanks then ! I think I'll redo Ridley's theme from SSBB with Sonofkirk as well !