Reviews for "Super Metroid Maridia Remix"

By god man

This thing gave me the willies. I was playing way too much metroid, and I was listening to this in the dark. So everytime I heard the metroid, I freaked out.
This rules.
THe droning in the background gave it a nice atmosphere. 5/5 10/10.
Next halloween i'm gonna play this at my house and walk around with a decapitated head under my arm. Freak some people out.


Makes me think this would be a good Halloween song or somthing it is very dark


Dark, dank, lifeless, hopeless, no escape, no more happiness, descending deeper and deeper into the abyss...all of those moods are conveyed excellently in this remix. Nice touch with the Metroid chirp too.

Jester667 responds:

Best. Review. Ever.

All those things explain metroid to a T.


just awesome. and like I voted: RESPECT. XD I want to buy MP3 but there are 3 problems.
1. there's already MP4 so it's better.
ignoring the first problem:
2. the only place I know that sells stuff for the wii is not in my city
3. if my parents actually drive me there it's probably not going to be there because it's too awesome for israel to have it :P

there should really be an official Metroid movie, and if there is PLEASE PM me about it.

Jester667 responds:

Allow me to respond:

1. There's already MP4? Are we talking about Metroid Prime 3 or MPEG Layer 3?
2./3. Oh, you're from Israel? Awesome. Well, play-asia is a possible alternative, right?
4. There's rumors of a Metroid movie, but it's probably cancelled. Maybe.

I enjoyed it

I liked it alot, im a big fan of metroid!