Reviews for "Super Metroid Maridia Remix"

Ah, das gutt...

This is actually the theme of Maridia's 'Drifting Sands' region. What a horridly beautiful place that was... You could differentiate whether or not you were in the Drifting Sands by simply looking for the Crustaceous Scisor. There were Space Pirates down there, if I remember correctly; what the hell they were doing there in the first place eludes me to this day... I think my favorite bioform in that entire region was the Evir - fascinating animals! They formed communal niches, communicated with each other, and even buried their dead! My least favorite bioform in that area was most definitely the Scisor - those vicious little menaces - they would constantly get in the way of everything, whether I were trying to implement the Shine Sparkle technique, or just trying to listen to the music; dreadful little creatures... Them and those blasted Skultera, always being a nuisance! I think the thing about Maridia that struck me most was that there was water down there in the first place! By the looks of it, I think the Chozo had drained it somehow and built a city complex - then when the Mother Brain went renegade, she re-flooded it somehow... But, by far, the thing I find creepiest about that region would be the Submersible vessel which houses Draygon. The fact that it bears an uncanny resemblance to the Wrecked Ship, and that it appears to have been there longer than the ruins always made me wonder as to what series of events did those poor astronauts have to go through all those millennia ago to wind up like that... In my personal opinion, Kenji Yamamoto and Minako Hamano are musical geniuses - ranking up there with John Williams and Tony Esformazzio.

You have done quite well with this song; it captures the essence of the region, and the Metroid chirping effect send chills down my spine. Thank you for creating such a wonderful piece.


very eerie and transcending
makes my spine tingle and gives me that feeling that im on a lost planet
immense piece and easily awesome background music
congrats on this piece
*votes 5


This is one of the tunes I like from Super Metroid, second to the opening theme and Crateria. Also, I like how you threw in the metroid's "skree" sound in it as well.

J00 get a fiven from me, as well as a 10/10. :P

holy shit!!!

it's absolutely perfect!!! i love it!!!! you sir are a god amongst men!!!

Jester667 responds:

A God amongst men?! You really think that?!

The sound is going through my body.

I can feel the vibration of the sound in my entire body.
Hearing the Metroid brings up nice memories... It almost felt like a friend returning...

10/10, 5/5.