Reviews for "Super Metroid Maridia Remix"


great remix! keep it up!

Draygon would be proud!

This is one of my favorite video game mixes on NewGrounds. Mysterious, dark, well-balanced attention to instrumentation and dynamics, and even a few chirping metroids here and there for extra spookiness. Well done!

Draygon would be proud! :)

oh my 'f'ing god!

this is ab absolute masterpiece!!! in the game this track was boring and not interesting but this... is AWSOME!
the tune is very catchy the intruments are used very well and everything is fused so good!!

Sci Fi esque! :)

Feels like an abandoned labratory, which is what I always loved about the metroid songs. They always fell like they fit the situation perfectly and they alwasy offer an original composition as well.

Very well done, the effects of the metroid sound in the background really did it for me. This tune is one that will always give me chills. :D

Sick Ass!

It does sound as if coming back to a place where something really bad happend or after a big fight and you don't know what will pop out at you. It also kinda sounds like you're desending somewhere, it really is better than the original.