Reviews for "Pure Elegance"

very nice with the piano

you gotta make the beginning work up a little more to the base beat in order to keep the attention span of listeners on your music. Very nice though, needs a little bit more sounds if you want it to alternate more but it's still very nice easy listening ^^ i'd give you a high five but i can't so ill give you a thumbs up to my computer screen.

Life is love, Love life.


Qwertyuiopasd responds:

how would I go about working up the base beat exactly? introduce kicks before the Bass or something? I'm not quite sure what you mean. PM me :P

it's not that hard to high five people. *high fives*


also, we seem to share "signatures"


What do you use?

What program do you use?
Anyways. very good work on variety please.

Qwertyuiopasd responds:

I use Fruity Loops 6.

my other pieces are a bit more varied, as this one is a bit more focused on being like... I dunno, trancy ambient-ness....so yeah, variety is good....

thanks for the review