Reviews for "Zelda Ocarina of Time - Market"

i like this

a lot very nice. sounds like it, the bass is nice, and do i hear some bells in the background? no wait, those are tambourines, right? oh well, nice job.

-Voted 5

P.S. could you possibly review my sm64 snow theme remix? if not ok.


Wow! are you sure you didn't just rip this off of the game or something? <*that was the first thing that came in to my mind when I heard this.* I think this version is way better than the Zelda Orchestrated's Market remake.


this song goes well really smoothly.


umm actually levusbevus

its not : G, G, A, A, B, B, C, C, G, G, C, D, G, G.

its actually : L, L, G, G, Q, Q, 5, 5, A, A, S, S, M, M, U, U,

so you better shut up before you fuck up


This brings back memories... Oh, and Zachnaruto... rate it on the song, not the game it came from!

Great job.