Reviews for "Zelda Theme (Orchestrated)"


The song makes me feel happy. You must of put alot of work in this.

Why the low rating

The drum loop in the background and the bells are a really nice touch, it gives the theme a little more oomp, though the reason I only give it a 7 is although its fine most the way through the end seems a little anticlimatic, thats not really your fault, the theme doesn't really allow for a great hyped ending.. good work and congrats.

Also why did it get such a low rating, its a really good piece, better than most out there.

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ROCK ON WITH THIS SONG........even if it is ocristrated

Wow, Great work!

=D Wow man, just wow

Dark-Jayson responds:

Thank you.

Not spectacularly original, but not bad either

Not a bad effort. Zelda themes have been done many times before though, and your take on it wasn't particularly original.

Also, a nice segue from the bells into some horns for the main theme would have made it sound more authentic and more NES-like. Good job though.