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Reviews for "Peefa Secs Time"

this is great on me ears :D

My love jamz

This is really dang good. It's jazzy and and feels true to the the original ost in a lot of ways. And that final A-minor 13 (+major 3rd?)(?) chord sounds TASSSSTY.

Nerostratos responds:

hell yeah good ear, Am13 resolves to the major at the end!

I didn't realize how good your music is with all the pissing fuckery that was happening in the animation.

Love me some jazzy sexiness! Good job!

Fucking love this, man. Even without playing the game much, the jazziness gives off some Mint Jams / Gran Turismo 3 vibes for me, which really gets my nostalgic juices flowing. Keep up the good work!