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Reviews for "PEAR"


Has an excellent beat to it!

DanPaladin responds:



You hear that?
I call that refreshing..
Haven't heard a awesome song on the aido portal in a long time!
The top 50 is always filled with garbage.
Kinda like mainstream music.

DanPaladin responds:

thanks man :)

Interesting ;D

I enjoyed it alot but I found the guitars to be a little too dominant. Still, a very good contrast to the Audio Portal regular styles.

It actually makes my mind wander a bit and think of psycho carnivals with crazy clowns and on the other hand it gives of some nutty professor in a lab doing insane experiments.

Very inspirational to say the least.

the same that the last one write here

i find it like evil little rockers mini mans trying to conquer the wolrd with his guitars and giant missiles dancing when they do it


I don't know, kinda goofy sounding. I didn't really like the guitar that much tho. Sounds like something playing in a evil gnome workshop :)